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2014 IDPP Annual Meeting at University of Malaya

Group photo during 2014 Annual Board meetingThe IDPP was delighted to welcome nearly 80 guests from across ASEAN and around the world to its Fourth Annual Meeting (#idpp2014) from 8-22 August 2014 hosted by the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This annual gathering brought together leaders in the disability and public policy spheres and representatives from the IDPP’s network of 21 universities and outreach organizations in 9 of 10 ASEAN countries and around the world, including: IDPP Advisory Board and Executive Committee members; faculty; incoming IDPP Fellows; capacity building participants; invited guests; and staff.

The two-week event included a set of innovative elements designed to gather IDPP leadership for strategic discussions; deliver academic preparation for five incoming IDPP Fellows and capacity building participants; train faculty at partner institutions on accessible cyberteaching and teaching for students of all abilities; and conduct multistakeholder discussions on promoting inclusive education in Malaysia and across the region. The event offered an exceptional opportunity to lay the groundwork for the formal embedding of the IDPP into the ASEAN region, as well as to further mobilize an impressive network that aims to build human capacity development in ASEAN for persons with disabilities and raise awareness of inclusive education and disability policy, as Malaysia prepares to take the Chair of ASEAN in January 2015.   

IDPP fellows with Mr. Ohno, Ambassador Gallegos, Dr. Goodman, and Dr. Cogburn photoTogether with the International Institute of Public Policy and Management (INPUMA) at University of Malaya, the IDPP is delighted to welcome five IDPP Fellows who will begin their studies in the Master of Public Policy program at UM INPUMA. The five IDPP Fellows from Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam who are blind or visually impaired; deaf or hard-of-hearing; and/or mobility impaired will enter the existing INPUMA MPP program and create a focus on disability policy.

The IDPP Advisory Board, Executive Committee and invited guests gathered for the Fourth Annual IDPP Advisory Board Meeting on 11 August. This yearly face-to-face meeting offered an invaluable opportunity for IDPP’s leadership to discuss progress made this past year and outline strategic work plans and next steps as the IDPP works toward the creation of a new thematic network on Disability and Public Policy within the ASEAN University Network (AUN-DPPnet). Approval to move forward with the creation of AUN-DPPnet was garnered at the 2014 AUN Board of Trustees Meeting in June.

The Advisory Board meeting was preceded and followed by a variety of new elements at this year’s Annual Meeting. The two-week event began on 8 August with an introduction to the IDPP, University of Malaya INPUMA, and UM 7th Residential College, which hosts the IDPP Learning Community and houses the majority of incoming IDPP Fellows for the duration of their studies. The day also marked the 47th ASEAN Day, a celebration of the union of ASEAN’s 10 member states. IDPP faculty member and ASEAN affairs scholar Dr. Pek Koon Heng-Blackburn offered an Expert Lecture on “Malaysia, ASEAN and the United States” to incoming fellows, IDPP partners, faculty, and invited guests.

IDPP cyberteaching workshop participants photoThe following day, the IDPP conducted an Accessible Cyberteaching Workshop: Level One Training – Building an Accessible Course to faculty across its partner universities. Facilitated by Executive Director Dr. Derrick Cogburn; Dr. Jennifer Ellis and Dr. Marilyn Arnone, IDPP Evaluation Committee Chair and Vice Chair; and Director of Technology Mr. Clyde White, Jr., the workshop was designed to prepare and train faculty to design and deliver quality accessible cyberlearning courses.

10 August featured two fascinating Expert Lectures: a Storytelling Workshop and "The Global Grand Challenge of Disability and Development" delivered by Dr. Derrick Cogburn. Facilitated by Dr. Marilyn Arnone, the Storytelling Workshop introduced effective storytelling techniques for advocacy, particularly focused on the powerful stories of the disability community. The workshop featured a segment on It’s Our Story Project that promotes positive self-images of disability with content provided by Dr. Victor Pineda, Founder and President of World ENABLED and IDPP Advisory Board member, a key collaborator of the It’s Our Story Project. Dr. Cogburn's Expert Lecture explored the intersection of disability and inclusive development, including the post-2015 global inclusive development agenda.

Press conference during IDPP inclusive education roundtableOn 12 August, IDPP and University of Malaya co-hosted a Multistakeholder Roundtable on Inclusive Education Policy: "Inclusive Education for the Global Knowledge Economy in ASEAN: A Focus on Malaysia." Co-sponsored by The Nippon Foundation, Microsoft Corporation, and G3ICT, the roundtable brought together high-level Malaysian government representatives, academia, the private sector and civil society to discuss critical public policies and the role of accessible ICTs in promoting and enhancing inclusive education in Malaysia and across the region. Participants included the Deputy Minister of Education for Malaysia Y. B. Datuk Mary Yap Kain Ching and Senator Bathmavathi Krishnan of Dewan Negara (Upper House) of the Parliament of Malaysia. With Malaysia’s role as incoming chair of ASEAN in January, this dialogue offered an exceptional opportunity to contribute to the development of regional and global strategies for inclusive education.

The remainder of the Annual Meeting continued to welcome our world-class faculty and renowned subject matter experts to deliver Expert Lectures, as well as site visits to prominent regional and local disability and public policy organizations. Key Expert Lecture topics included “Background, History and Structure of ASEAN” by Dr. Amitav Acharya, world-renowned expert on ASEAN affairs and current President of the International Studies Association; “The UNCRPD and the Role of the Special Advisor for International Disability Rights” by Ms. Judith Heumann at U.S. Department of State; “USAID and Disability Inclusive Development” by Ms. Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo, Coordinator for Disability and Inclusive Development at USAID; “Understanding the UNCRPD” by Amb. Luis Gallegos, who chaired the UN committee that negotiated this first human rights treaty of the 21st century; “Disability Leadership” by Dr. Irwanto, Founder and Director of the Center for Disability Studies at Universitas Indonesia; and “The General Election Network for Disability Access” by AGENDA director Mr. Christian Dirk Donn, who spoke on the recent national elections in Indonesia and access to political processes for persons with disabilities.

Site visits to Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Multimedia Development Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Malaysian Association for the Blind, and Melaka offered invaluable networking, educational, and cultural awareness opportunities.

Group photo during site visit to Melaka

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