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IDPP Attends National Disability Rights Network Conference

National Disability Rights Network logoIDPP Program Coordinator for Collaborative Research and Education Ms. Erica Seng and Research Associate Ms. Kerry Honeycutt traveled to Baltimore, Maryland to attend the National Disability Rights Network (NDRN)’s 2012 Protection and Advocacy/CAP Annual Conference from 4 -6 June 2012, on behalf of the IDPP. The participants learned and discussed the latest feats in accessibility inclusion.

The three-day conference provided participants the opportunity to choose from several workshops that range from Enforcing Architectural Accessibility Violations in Public Accommodations, Housing and Education Institutions to Collaborative Advocacy for Systemic Reform: Working with Grass roots, Public Interest and Other Advocacy Groups, which aligns closely with the IDPP and the Master’s in Comparative and International Disability Policy (CIDP) program, which is slated to begin its second year this August.

CIDP faculty member Ms. Cindy Smith serves as Public Policy Counsel at the NDRN, and taught the course Disability and Social Policy to the first CIDP cohort this past spring, and will teach Disability and Diversity in the second summer session.

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