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IDPP Director Appointed to JPSE Editorial Board

Dr. Derrick Cogburn (photo)The Journal of Political Science Education (JPSE) appointed Dr. Derrick L. Cogburn, IDPP/COTELCO Executive Director, to the publication’s editorial board on 3 May 2012. Dr. Cogburn will join a new editorial board formed by JPSE editors Drs. Kerstin Hamann, Phillip Pollock, and Bruce Wilson beginning 1 July 2012.

As a member of the editorial board, Dr. Cogburn will help JPSE continue to produce high-quality journal publications.

JPSE is an intellectually rigorous, path-breaking, and agenda-setting journal that publishes the highest quality scholarship on teaching and pedagogical issues in political science.

The journal aims to represent the full range of questions, issues, and approaches regarding political science education, including teaching-related issues, methods and techniques, and educational assessment in political science, graduate education, and curriculum development.

JPSE is published by Routledge, and disseminates four issues per year.

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