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COTELCO Presents IDPP Project at ISA-South

COTELCO/IDPP delegation at ISA-South conference photoA delegation from COTELCO/the Institute on Disability and Public Policy (IDPP) presented at the International Studies Association’s South Region Conference on 15 October 2011 at Elon University in North Carolina. The panel discussion was entitled Strength in Numbers: Exploring the Potential of Cyberlearning to Facilitate Distributed Human Capacity Development in Disability and Public Policy in the ASEAN Region. The presentation offered a comprehensive overview of the IDPP, and examined in detail key facets of the project. Panelists consisted of COTELCO/IDPP Executive Director Dr. Derrick L. Cogburn; the IDPP Program Director; IDPP Program Coordinator Erica Seng; and IDPP Communications Associate Maya Aguilar. COTELCO Research Associate and Elon University alumna Alexia Clincy participated in the conference and supported the panel as well.

Photo Caption: COTELCO/IDPP delegation at ISA-South conference

Dr. Cogburn began by introducing the IDPP and the Master’s in Comparative and International Disability Policy (CIDP) program as an innovative education model - one that conference chair Assistant Professor Sean Giovanello stated as “the future of higher education.” The Developing a Networked Model of Cyberlearning presentation provided a comprehensive overview of the origins and mission of the IDPP; the essential role of its partner institutions; and challenges and successes faced thus far.

In Ties that Bind: Socio-Cultural Integration in the ASEAN Region through the IDPP, Ms. Seng offered a brief overview of the history and intent of ASEAN as an association of the ten member nations of the Southeast Asia region. Ms. Seng described how the IDPP integrates its core objectives with ASEAN and collaborates with its member nations.

The IDPP Program Director examined the research and academic processes by which the CIDP Master’s program was created. In The Global and the Local: Enhancing Policy Awareness and Advocacy through Cyberlearning, the Program Director acknowledged the experts from IDPP partner institutions who were invaluable in guiding and forming the CIDP program and its curriculum, and how the Master’s degree is helping to develop a cadre of global leaders in disability policy.

Dr. Cogburn and Ms. Aguilar discussed how the IDPP built and continues to strengthen an accessible e-learning environment in Realizing a Cyberinfrastructure-Enabled Dream: Analyzing the Cyberinfrastructure and Strategic Communications of the IDPP.  Ms. Aguilar concluded by presenting how the IDPP communicates with its partner institutions, CIDP students and faculty, and external audiences using customized and accessible platforms.

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