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IDPP and COTELCO’s Multi-Faceted Participation at HICSS-47

HICSS-47 conference (logo)IDPP and COTELCO were pleased to begin the new year by participating in the 47th Annual Hawai’i International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-47) from 6-9 January 2014 in Big Island, Hawai’i. IDPP/COTELCO Executive Director Dr. Derrick Cogburn; Senior Faculty Associate Dr. Nanette Levinson; Faculty Associates and IDPP Evaluation Committee Chair and Vice Chair Drs. Jennifer Ellis and Marilyn Arnone; and American University Psychology Professor Dr. Noemi Enchautegui-de-Jesus  participated in what is now one of the most prestigious and the longest-running international information systems conferences in the world.

On 6 January, Dr. Cogburn; Dr. Michael Hine, Associate Professor of Information Systems at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University; and Mr. Frederick Zarndt, Founder of Global Connexions led a full-day workshop entitled "Cross Cultural Communication in Accessible Global Virtual Teams." Participants developed a new understanding of the impact of accessibility and intercultural communication theories on managing, studying, and working in global virtual teams. The workshop also addressed the importance of accessibility and universal design principles in creating cyberinfrastructure to support global virtual teams. As a reflection of this, COTELCO hosted an international group of academics and experts in a closed-captioned, screen reader-accessible virtual room via Blackboard Colllaborate through which in-person and virtual paticipants were able to engage in the workshop's activities.

The workshop was divided into four main topics:

(1) Accessible Cyberlearning: Theory and Practice
(2) Cross-Cultural Communication in Theory
(3) Accessibility Policy, Standards, and Technology
(4) Cross-Cultural Communication in Practice: Simulating an Accessible Global Virtual Team

More information about the workshop’s schedule and participants can be found at the workshop’s page on the HICSS-47 website.

In addition, Dr. Cogburn led a mini-track on Global Virtual Teams (GVT) in conjunction with Dr. Hine and Mr. Zarndt from 7-9 January. This mini-track invited conference participants to present papers that offered insights into the successful operation of global virtual teams. Drs. Ellis, Arnone, and Levinson  contributed papers to the mini-track and facilitated various sessions. Session topics included:

  • Project management styles and differences across cultures
  • Differences in language understanding and its effects on collaboration
  • Power distance and its effects on collaboration
  • Uncertainty (risk) avoidance and its effects on collaboration
  • Collaboration and communication tools
  • Differences between academic and non-academic virtual teams
  • Global virtual team case studies

This was the third year in a row that Dr. Cogburn, Dr. Hine, and Mr. Zarndt were invited to lead both the workshop and the mini-track at HICSS, which Dr. Cogburn and COTELCO have been participating in for the past six years. The mini-track has been widely attended by HICSS participants and has enjoyed tremendous success in the past.

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