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IDPP Director and CIDP Students Present at World Bank LJD Week

World Bank and IDPP/COTELCO staff at planning meeting (photo)IDPP/COTELCO Executive Director Dr. Derrick Cogburn was invited to present at the World Bank Law, Justice, and Development Week 2012: Opportunity, Inclusion, and Equity (LJD Week) on Tuesday, 11 December 2012 from 4:45-6:15pm EST. This year’s conference, held from 10-14 December, explores the major role that legal institutions play in providing education, civic engagement, and economic opportunity to underserved populations across the world.

Dr. Cogburn's presentation marked the launch of the World Bank’s Global Forum on Law, Justice, and Development. He was joined by Ms. Allison Glass, the lead COTELCO research associate on a collaborative project between the World Bank, the Burton Blatt Institute (BBI), and COTELCO. The team also included two current CIDP Master’s students, Mr. AJ Nanayakkara and Mr. Felipe Millan. The presentation encompassed the team's research on collaboratories, cyberinfrastucture, and the plan for enhancing the distributed collaboration of the Global Forum.

The presentation was part of a research project conducted by the World Bank, COTELCO/IDPP, and BBI to build the socio-technical infrastructure necessary for the Global Forum’s 90 partners to connect and collaborate on legal solutions related to development.

LJD Week 2012 brings together World Bank Group staff, lawyers, judges, international financial institutions, international development organizations, government officials, scholars, and civil society representatives.

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