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IDPP Presence at Gallaudet University's African Lessons Conference

Panelists at Gallaudet University's African Lessons conferenceOn 20 April 2012, Gallaudet University in Washington, DC hosted “The African Lessons Conference on Language and Citizenship: Local Action and Transnational Partnerships.” IDPP Research and Evaluation Associate Ms. Kate Breen attended the conference on behalf of the IDPP.

The conference, which included members of NGOs, disabled people’s organizations, and academia, as well as working professionals, was the first conference of its kind.

Building on the 16th international meeting of the World Federation of the Deaf and the 3rd conference of the World Association of Sign Language Interpreters, both held in Durban, South Africa in July 2011, the African Lessons conference continued the dialogue on Deaf African issues, and “consider[ed] questions related to language and citizenship of importance to diverse populations of Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing people across the African continent and beyond,” according to the conference Web site.

Ms. Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo, USAID Coordinator of Disability and Inclusive Development and collaborator of the IDPP, discussed "Post-Apartheid Inclusion and Coalition Building" at the conference’s opening ceremony, and shared her experiences with parents of deaf children in the "Recent Histories of Language and Citizenships" panel.

The conference was also a valuable opportunity to raise awareness of the IDPP’s work and its Master’s in Comparative and International Disability Policy (CIDP) program.

Details in this article are an account from the IDPP staff person who attended the event.