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IDPP Presents at Books and Beyond: AU Project 2030 Event

Participants listen to Dr. Cogburn's presentation (photo)American University (AU) invited IDPP/COTELCO Executive Director Dr. Derrick Cogburn to present at Books & Beyond: AU Project 2030, Academic Exploration for the Future on 27 February 2013 in the Abramson Family Founders Room of the School of International Service (SIS).

The presentation, “Ennobling and Enabling: Walking the Talk of Disability Technology, Policy and Education,” was presented in coordination with Dr. Sarah Irvine Belson, Dean of AU’s School of Education, Teaching and Health; and Dr. Laura DeNardis, Associate Professor at AU’s School of Communication.

This presentation was the first of a two-part session that featured another discussion, “The Environmental and Biological Bases of Cognitive Dementia,” by Dr. Anthony Riley, Chair of the Psychology Department in the College of Arts & Sciences, and Dr. Terry Davidson, Director of the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience and Professor in the Department of Psychology.

Last fall, the American University (AU) Office of the Provost challenged faculty across campus to submit proposals that would help position AU for the year 2030. The proposal submitted by Dr. Cogburn and Dr. Belson, which was later modified to include the expert insight of Dr. DeNardis, was one of six proposals selected to conduct a three-hour workshop based on the integration of disability policy, technology, and education into AU campus-wide curriculum. Following the workshops, four projects, including the aforementioned project, were selected to move forward.

The presentations provided a substantial overview of the three key elements of AU Project 2030, which identifies and promotes work in groundbreaking areas of scholarly exploration, with a special emphasis on cross-disciplinary and emerging fields.

Dr. Cogburn gave his presentation remotely from Myanmar as he concludes the last leg of the IDPP February Networking and Partnership Mission as a participant in the IAPP-Myanmar delegation organized by the Institute on International Education. Following an introduction by AU Provost Dr. Scott Bass, Dr. Cogburn began the presentation by discussing the challenges and opportunities for inclusive education models and how the IDPP has used emerging cyberinfrastructure technologies to connect CIDP students and faculty and IDPP staff located across the world.

Dr. DeNardis followed with a presentation on Internet Governance and global standards for accessibility of the Internet and information and communication technologies. Dr. Sarah Irvine Belson subsequently discussed the creation of educational opportunities for children with disabilities and how it is a critical element of basic human rights.

Books & Beyond was created in 2011 to highlight the AU 2030 projects and other faculty projects that go "beyond" traditional boundaries of medium or discipline. Past events have highlighted faculty scholarship and provided guidance for graduate students and faculty seeking to publish in competitive journals.

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