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IDPP Presents at Brawijaya U. International Relations Conference

Mr. Khy Huy visits University Brawijaya disability studies center (photo)IDPP Research Coordinator Mr. Khy Huy offered multifaceted participation at the “International Relations National Students Conference” held from 11-16 May 2015 at University of Brawijaya in Malang, Indonesia. The conference’s theme was "Promoting and Sustaining Bali Declaration's Priority Areas on People with Disabilities” and included distinguished participants from Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Ministry of Education; ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR); ASEAN Disability Forum (ADF); General Election Network for Disability Access (AGENDA); and approximately 200 international relations students from 39 participating universities.

On 12 May 2015, Mr. Huy served alongside two University of Brawijaya faculty members, Mr. Slamet Thohari, Sociology Lecturer, and Ms. Karina Indrasari, International Relations Lecturer, as lead discussants during the “International Seminar on Human Rights and Disability in Southeast Asia” session. The seminar provided sociology and international relations students with an understanding of the concept of human rights, human rights of persons with disabilities, and disability issues in Indonesia and across the ASEAN region.

On 13 May 2015, Mr. Huy delivered the presentation, “Disability and Human Rights: Global, Regional, and National Approaches” on behalf of IDPP to approximately 80 international relations students. He was joined by Ms. Yustitia M. Arief, AGENDA Program Manager, who spoke on Political Rights of Persons with Disabilities in ASEAN. Following the two presentations, participants broke out into smaller discussion groups and formulated policy recommendations on how ASEAN and Indonesian governing bodies can effectively improve the rights of people with disabilities in the region. Mr. Huy and Ms. Arief also provided feedback on students’ policy recommendations to make them more concrete and applicable in the context of ASEAN and Indonesia.

During the last day of the conference, Mr. Huy visited the Center for Disability Studies and Services, (CDSS) at University of Brawijaya. Established in 2012, the center conducts research on disability and provides services to students with disabilities, including students with visual and mobility impairments, and those who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. The center has also developed guidelines on how to teach students with disabilities and has conducted disability awareness trainings at other universities. Currently, the center has accepted 55 students with disabilities with 54 volunteers providing accommodations and supports to students throughout their academic life at the university.

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