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IDPP Presents at World Bank-ILO Disability Workshop in Jakarta

World Bank-ILO National Disability Workshop in Jakarta (photo)IDPP regional coordinator Mr. Muhammad Joni Yulianto participated in a national workshop on disability jointly organized by the World Bank and the International Labor Organization (ILO) from 26-27 September 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The event aimed to conduct a mapping of disability-related programs by disabled peoples organizations, non-governmental organizations, international agencies, and government institutions in Indonesia, as well as strengthen networking among these organizations. The event also showcased the DPO Window program by the World Bank and the PROPEL Indonesia project by the ILO.

At the event, Joni participated in and facilitated a breakout session on disability data and research on behalf of the IDPP. The session focused on the identification of current research initiatives, as well as possible synergy among organizations for a collaborative research agenda. He also emphasized the IDPP and its network of universities and outreach organizations throughout the ASEAN region that works to collaboratively develop academic and research initiatives on disability policy, including the world’s first virtual Master’s program in disability policy that launched in 2011.

The workshop highlighted the World Bank and ILO’s latest programs on disability-inclusive development. Through the World Bank’s DPO Window program, DPOs can apply for grants to support capacity building and other projects that promote the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The ILO’s “Promoting Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Employment Access through Legislation” (PROPEL) project is designed to improve policies at the national and local levels that will ensure equal employment access for persons with disabilities in Indonesia.

The IDPP/COTELCO continues to collaborate closely with the World Bank, including its Global Partnership for Disability and Development (GPDD) headed by IDPP Advisory Board member Ms. Maria Veronica Reina, and The Global Forum on Law, Justice, and Development which brings together The World Bank, CIDP Master’s students, and COTELCO research associates to build infrastructure for the forum’s 90 partners to connect on legal solutions related to development.

Details in this article are an account from the IDPP staff person who attended the event.