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IDPP Program Associate on Networking Mission Across ASEAN

Ms. Della Leonor poses with SEAMEO Congress participants (photo)IDPP Program Associate Ms. Della Leonor is on an IDPP Networking and Partnership Mission from 16 October - 3 November 2014 with stops in the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia. The mission is part of the IDPP’s ongoing commitment to strengthening existing partnerships while forming new ones across the region. Ms. Leonor began her mission in Cebu City, Philippines on 16 October, where she participated in the Visayas leg of the two-day Good Governance Dialogues, a series of regional fora that brings representatives from national and local governments, civil society organizations, private sector, and academia to build capacity and promote multi-stakeholder engagement in policy making and development.

Ms. Leonor joined the event’s 200 other participants in a discussion on good governance practices, open government and transparency, participatory budgetary practices, inclusive development, economic expansion, and other national and local policy topics.

As an IDPP Program Associate, Ms. Leonor has developed close ties with civil society organizations and regional government officials in the Philippines and throughout the ASEAN region. She represents the disability sector in her role as Provincial Civil Society Organization Focal Person for Capiz Province and other National Anti-Poverty Commission leadership initiatives.

Following the two-day forum, Ms. Leonor travelled to Bangkok, Thailand to participate in the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) Congress 2014 held from 21-22 October. The theme of this year’s congress was “Southeast Asia in Transition: Rethinking Education, Science, and Culture for Regional Integration”, with its main objective to explore new avenues for managing diverse changes in education, science and culture to enhance regional understanding and cooperation among educators and different stakeholders in Southeast Asia. 

Ms. Leonor then travelled to Malaysia on 24 October for a series of meetings with the 2014 IDPP Fellows and capacity building participant at the University of Malaya and with members of SEAMEO SEN’s senior management at their office in Melaka, Malaysia. In Kuala Lumpur, Ms. Leonor held a series of meetings and visits with the IDPP Fellows on the University of Malaya campus. Ms. Leonor also facilitated a meeting between the IDPP fellows; Mr. Shuichi Ohno, Executive Director of the Nippon Foundation and IDPP Executive Committee member; and Mr. Thomas Ng, Executive Director of Genashtim Innovative Learning, to discuss the students’ first semester experiences in the INPUMA Master of Public Policy program and post-graduate employment opportunities.

She travelled to Melaka on 3 November to meet with members of SEAMEO SEN's senior management to discuss future collaborative research and work opportunities between SEAMEO and IDPP. Ms. Leonor's visit also coincided with a visit from a delegation from IDPP partner International Council on Education for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI), which featured Dr. M.N.G. ManiICEVI Chief Executive Officer and IDPP Advisory Board member; Ms. Suwimon Udompiriyasak, Regional Chairperson of ICEVI East Asia; and Dato' Kulasegaran of the World Blind Union Asia Pacific. Ms. Leonor had the opportunity to debrief on some of the 2014 IDPP Annual Meeting with Dr. Mani and speak on other IDPP activities. 

Ms. Leonor will continue her stay in Kuala Lumpur until she joins an IDPP delegation travelling from Washington, DC to Phnom Pehn, Cambodia on 9 November as a delegation of senior management and regional staff begin another November mission across the region.

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