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IDPP Program Associate Receives Award for Local Anti-Poverty Work

IDPP Program Associate Ms. Della Leonor poses with conference participants (photo)IDPP Program Associate Ms. Della Leonor was named Ms. Provincial Focal Person 2015 during the Awards Ceremony at the conclusion of the National Anti Poverty Commission (NAPC) Provincial Focal Person (PFP) Summing Up Conference held from 1-4 February 2015 in Casa Pilar, Boracay Island, Philippines.

According to Director Jesusa Jecy Rebete, “The goal of the conference (was) to acknowledge the people working hard to expand participation of the basic sectors at the municipal level: the change agents for accountability, transparency and good Governance.” Ms. Leonor was recognized for her numerous current and past contributions to the NAPC’s efforts to reduce poverty and promote social inclusion in her region and across the Philippines.

Ms. Leonor’s participation in the conferences is part of her continuing commitment to monitor the implementation of national anti-poverty development projects at the grassroots level, including those related to persons with disabilities and the disability sector. Part of her role as Provincial Focal Person is to work with other PFPs to guide the National Anti Poverty Commission’s regional activities.

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