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IDPP Regional Staff Plays Key Role in Philippines' Roxas City NDPR

Ms. Della Leonor moderates dialogue at Roxas City, Philippines NPRW (photo)IDPP Regional Support Staff Ms. Della Leonor participated in the 35th annual National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week (NDPR) from 17 – 23 July 2013 in Roxas City, Philippines. Hosted by the National Council on Disability Affairs (NCDA) and chaired by the Republic of the Philippines’ Department of Justice, the nation-wide celebration aimed to stimulate public awareness on the challenges facing persons with disabilities (PWDs) and encourage Filipino citizens to play an active role in improving the economic and social conditions of PWDs in the Philippines. While events and celebrations took place across the country, Ms. Leonor participated in the events organized by local authorities in Roxas City.


The week began with a parade followed by a religious Mass and consultative dialogue at Dinggoy Civic Center. Representatives from several key governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) – including the Roxas City Mayor’s office; Department of Social Welfare and Development; NCDA and others – attended the dialogue. Participants subsequently engaged in an in-depth, forum-style exchange. Because of her prominent role in disability advocacy in Roxas City and at the regional and national levels, Ms. Leonor was invited to moderate and facilitate the discussion.

The theme for this year’s NDPR was “Building an Inclusive and Non-Handicapping Environment for Persons with Disabilities.” The theme was adopted to promote the principles and concepts relevant to disability-inclusive development using the Incheon Strategy as its framework. The week’s events focused primarily on encouraging government organizations, civil society and the public sector to work together to created a comprehensive and mainstreamed disability rights agenda.

We applaud Ms. Leonor for her continued advocacy on behalf of persons with disabilities in the Philippines!

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Details in this article are an account from the IDPP staff person who attended the event.