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IDPP Regional Staff Attends Philippines' Visayas Cluster Orientation

Ms. Della Leonor photoIDPP Regional Support Staff Ms. Della Leonor attended the Visayas Cluster Regional Poverty Reduction Action Team Orientation for Bottom Up Budgeting 2015 from 16–18 September 2013 in Cebu City, Philippines. The meeting was widely attended by leaders from civil society organizations and national government agencies (NGA). The main goal of the meeting was to ensure the future of the Office of the Philippines President’s National Anti-Poverty Programs through creating an effective budgeting strategy and promoting the continued collaboration between grassroots organizations and NGAs in creating and implementing anti-poverty programs in these regions, including for persons with disabilities.

The meeting provided a forum for development experts and leaders to share best practices and work together toward creating a sustainable BUB plan through 2015. The meeting ended with a workshop on how to strengthen current budgeting structures to allow for better monitoring and evaluation in the future. Ms. Leonor played an intergral part in this workshop in her role as Provincial Civil Society Organization Focal Person for Capiz Province and her work in representing the disability sector at National Anti-Poverty Commission meetings.

As regional support staff member for the IDPP, Ms. Leonor has developed close ties with civil society organizations and regional government officials in the ASEAN region. 

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