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IDPP Research Assistant Named '2012 Architect of the Future'

Diego Mariscal photoIDPP Research Assistant and American University sophomore Mr. Diego Mariscal was honored with a 2012 Architect of the Future Award, which is presented annually to 10-12 young social entrepreneurs around the world making significant change in their communities. Presented by the organization Architects of the Future, this year’s awards focus on projects for persons with disabilities.

Mr. Mariscal submitted his project “2gether-International” for competition in the awards. From 2-7 June 2012, he will be flown to Vienna, Austria to attend the Architects of the Future conference; meet with other award recipients and potential mentors and sponsors; and present his 2gether project.

Founded in 2007 by Mr. Mariscal, who was born with a mobility impairment, 2gether-International is an organization started in his native Monterrey, Mexico that focuses on diminishing the social barriers that exist between persons with disabilities and persons without disabilities.

Understanding that students are a key population of social interaction, 2gether-International spearheads an education curriculum through a network of high schools that consists of three main elements: a mentorship program in which students have the opportunity to discuss social disability issues; an experiential, interactive event that exposes students to the physical aspects of living with a disability; and an intercultural discussion where students from various cultures share how disabilities are perceived in their particular culture.

Since its founding, 2gether has grown to include a network of five high schools across Mexico with more than 2,000 participants. Mr. Mariscal is now looking to grow the 2gether network among colleges and universities globally.

The IDPP is proud of Mr. Mariscal’s accomplishments – congratulations!