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IDPP Staff Presents at Conference Calling for Indonesia CRPD Ratification

Disability organizations in Indonesia have been gathering to advance the goal of having the government of Indonesia ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). From 26-28 September in Jakarta, Indonesia, IDPP outreach and capacity-building coordinator Joni Yulianto presented at and attended a national conference organized by the Association of Disabled People in Indonesia. The conference had the objective of creating and enhancing recommendations and statements for the government to ratify the convention. The government of Indonesia signed the CRPD on 30 March 2007, but has not fully ratified the convention. Conference attendees included representatives from disability organizations across provinces and districts in Indonesia.

Representatives from the Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the National Parliament of Indonesia spoke at the conference’s plenary sessions, and provided brief updates on progress of the ratification process. In addition, Joni Yulianto spoke as a representative from the Institute for Inclusion and Advocacy of Persons with Disabilities and the National Consortium on the Rights of People with Disabilities – both organizations of which he is involved with in addition to the IDPP – on how persons with disabilities are currently exercising their rights. Joni provided an overview of current advocacy efforts by disability organizations, and the necessity of CRPD ratification by Indonesia. He emphasized the need for disability issues to be recognized as a mainstream component of public policy planning and implementation to further ratification of the CRPD in Indonesia. Joni also introduced the IDPP and its core objectives, one of which is to generate more experts in disability policy that will serve as a human resource cadre for better recognition of disability rights and public policy in the ASEAN region.

The conference ended with a hearing session to the National Parliament of Indonesia. Four representatives spoke on behalf of the forum to parliament members, and submitted recommendations made during the conference to the Vice Chair of the Eighth Commission in the Parliament. One promising assertion made by the Eighth Commission was that the government of Indonesia hopes to ratify the convention in December 2011.

Details in this article are an account from the IDPP staff person who attended the event.