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Multifaceted IDPP Participation at HICSS-48

T48th Hawai'i International Conference on System Sciences (logo)he IDPP began 2015 by again participating in multiple activities throughout the 48th Annual Hawai’i International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-48) from 5-8 January 2015 in Kauai, Hawai’i. IDPP Executive Director and AU SIS Associate Professor Dr. Derrick Cogburn and a team of IDPP faculty members returned to HICSS-48 with Dr. Cogburn serving as co-chair of the mini-track on global virtual teams; co-convenor of the tutorial on Big Data and Text Mining in Global Virtual Teams Research; co-convenor of the workshop on Cross-Cultural Communication in Accessible Global Virtual Teams; and co-presenter of a jointly-written paper on the IDPP.

IDPP faculty and AU SIS Associate Professor Dr. Nanette Levinson and IDPP Evaluation Committee Chair and Vice Chair Drs. Jennifer Ellis and Marilyn Arnone (virtual participation) joined Dr. Cogburn in these events and more.

Dr. Cogburn stands with Dr. Hine following their Big Data Text Mining tutorial (photo)Dr. Cogburn and Dr. Michael Hine, Associate Professor of Information Systems at the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University, co-led the half-day morning tutorial “Introduction to Text Mining in Global Virtual Teams Research” on the conference's opening day, 5 January. This tutorial introduced participants to text mining research methodology. The first session provided some conceptual foundations of text mining and helped participants develop appropriate research questions and automate the collection of text-based datasets. The second session provided an introduction to the range of commercial and open source tools for text mining and provide hands-on training for introductory text mining.

In the afternoon, Dr. Cogburn and colleagues co-convened the workshop "Cross Cultural Communication in Accessible Global Virtual Teams" led by Dr. Cogburn, Dr. Levinson, and Dr. Hine. Dr. Ellis assisted with the workshop and help led interactive breakout sessions, which capitalized upon the expertise of the audience and allowed opportunities to gain a more in-depth understanding of the innovations and tools available for developing a collaborative and inclusive cyberlearning program.

The workshop was divided into three main foci:

(1) Background to Cross-Cultural Communication
(2) Accessible Cyberlearning: Theory and Practice
(3) Simulating Cross-Cultural Communication and Collaboration

Dr. Levinson and Dr. Ellis present during the Cross Cultural Communication in Global Virtual Teams workshop (photo)On 7 January, Dr. Cogburn, Dr. Ellis, Dr. Levinson, and Dr. Arnone presented their co-authored paper, “Developing and Evaluating an Accessible Cyberteaching Training (ACT) Program for Faculty via a Virtual Center for Teaching and Learning,” detailing their methodology and experiences in designing and conducting the IDPP ACT Program.

This was the fourth consecutive year that Dr. Cogburn and Dr. Hine have been invited to co-lead both the "Cross Cultural Communication in Accessible Global Virtual Teams" workshop and the Global Virtual Teams mini-track at HICSS. Dr. Cogburn has been participating in this conference for the past seven years. HICSS is the longest running and one of the highest-rated conferences on system sciences in the world. Both the workshop and mini-track have been widely attended by HICSS participants and have enjoyed tremendous success in the past.

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