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Master of Multimedia (E-Learning Technologies) at Multimedia University

The IDPP offers fellowship opportunities for highly talented and motivated students interested in pursuing a career in disability and public policy. We anticipate awarding fellowships, supported by The Nippon Foundation, to pursue one of the following master's degree programs at IDPP partner universities:

  • Master of Public Policy
    Learning Modality: Residential Program
    Institution: University of Malaya, Malaysia
  • Master of Arts in Political Science, Major in Global Politics
    Learning Modality: Virtual Program with Limited Residential Components
    Institution: Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines
  • Master of Multimedia (E-Learning Technologies)
    Learning Modality: Virtual Program
    Institution: Multimedia University, Malaysia

About the Master of Multimedia (E-learning Technologies) Program

Multimedia University’s Master of Multimedia (E-learning Technologies) program equips current and future employees on the creation and delivery of information, communication, education and training through various information and communication technologies. Aside from content creation and delivery of information, this program focuses on knowledge and skills on human and visual communication, project management, creativity, and multimedia design. The program objective is to develop experts in an e-learning environment as an effective force in education and training, having the capability of developing multimedia and Internet-based instructional design to meet individual learner needs and core learning goals.

The Master of Multimedia (E-learning Technologies) program is a virtual program. IDPP Fellows will participate in a face-to-face 2015 IDPP Annual Meeting and two-week residency in Malaysia from 1-15 August, before virtual courses begin in October 2015. The 42-credit hour program may be completed over a minimum of 18 months. Courses will be taught by Multimedia University and IDPP faculty.

Curriculum Structure

All coursework is conducted in English. Students can complete the 42-credit hour program in as short as 18 months and as long as three years.

Required Core Courses - 36 Credit Hours
Students will take all core courses below to complete the program.

  • Principles of Multimedia in Education Technology
  • Learning Theories and Strategies
  • Instructional System Design
  • Digital Media Content Development
  • Web Publishing for e-Learning
  • Human Performance Technology
  • Web Programming
  • Project Management
  • Interactive Instructional Multimedia Development
  • Research Methodology
  • Project (individual research, application, or case study project)

Elective Courses - 6 Credit Hours
Students will take two elective courses to complete the program.

  • Evaluation Methodology for e-Learning
  • Human Communication in Knowledge Management
  • Concept and Applications of Knowledge Management

The elective course requirement can also be satisfied by completing courses from within Multimedia University’s Master of Knowledge Management with Multimedia program curriculum.

IDPP Fellowships will be awarded to successful applicants contingent upon renewal of grant funding.