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Component 2: Overview

Cyberinfrastructure Development and Testing


The IDPP must have an organizational structure that reflects its unique physical and virtual presence in the ASEAN region, and it needs an appropriate cyberinfrastructure to administer the institute and deliver asynchronous and synchronous content.


To identify a recommended organizational structure and recommended activities for the IDPP, along with a collection of social practices and accessible technologies to support the administrative operations of the institute and to deliver content.


  • Produce a comprehensive literature review of scholarly and practitioner literature addressing this project component.
  • Identify the proposed organizational elements for the Institute.
  • Identify a range of commercial and open-source technologies that might be used to develop the cyberinfrastructure to support the various administrative functions of the IDPP and to delivery content (e.g. courses, seminars, outreach activities).
  • Conduct accessibility and usability testing of this cyberinfrastructure to determine the recommended suite of technologies.
  • Develop a prototype integration of these tools and document the accessibility of the prototype.
  • Demonstrate at the Core and Dream Team meeting in August.


Project Director:

  • Dr. Derrick Cogburn (Director, COTELCO)



  • Clyde White, Jr., Senior Research Associate
  • Tim Foley, Research Associate
  • Yireh Rivera, Research Associate

External Experts:

  • Bill Courtland, (Internet Broadcast Services Unlimited (IBSU), Closed Captioning)
  • James Timony (Adaptive Technology Librarian MLK Public Library)
  • Joanne Benica (Director of Disability Support Services DSS)
  • Kamran Rasul (Assistive Technology Specialist AU)