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Component 3: Overview

Model Curriculum Development


The IDPP has an opportunity to develop a novel and innovative curriculum, not limited by physical constraints and geographic location of knowledge resources. What curriculum will take full advantage of the virtual and physical nature of the IDPP?


To develop a model curriculum for the ASEAN Masters Program on Disability and Public Policy using both a deductive (top down, based on lead programs) and inductive (bottom-up, “blank slate”) approach, and to consider a plan for the the face-to-face and distributed implementation.


  • Systematically identify the top regional and related programs around the world
  • Collect data on the key curricular components from these programs
  • Convene an expert focus group to provide inductive contributions to curriculum development and feedback on organizational structure
    (described in component two)
  • Conduct a modified Delphi process to narrow the range of curriculum components
  • Define the model curriculum
  • Create a matrix of the curriculum and potential implementing partners
  • Identify an outline for a certificate option as part of the curriculum
  • Define application criteria for participants
  • Create instructive resources for potential implementing partners




Project Director:

  • Dr. Derrick Cogburn, COTELCO Director, Assoicate Professor American University


  • Taria Thomas (MA candidate International Communication)
  • Ben Sommers (MA candidate International Communication)

Faculty Members:

  • Professor Pek Koon Heng (Director, ASEAN Studies Center)
  • Dean Louis Goodman (Dean, School of International Service)
  • Professor Nanette Levinson (Director, International Communication Program)
  • Professor Julie Mertus (Co-Director, MA Program in Ethics, Peace and Global Affairs)

American University Disability Support Services (DSS):

  • Joanne Benica (Director of DSS)
  • Kamran Rasul (Assistive Technology Specialist AU)

External Experts:

  • Burton Blatt Institute: Michael Morris (Chief Executive Officer), Eve Hill (Senior Vice President, Washington DC Office), Maria Veronica Reina (Executive Director, Global Partnership on Disability and Development (GPDD)), Pamela Williamson (Project Director of DBTAC, Southeast ADA Center)
  • Prof. Alecia Santuzzi (Assistant Professor, Northern Illinois University)
  • BlueLaw International: Janet Lord (Senior Partner), and Stephanie Orteleva (Senior Human Rights Legal Advisor)