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Dr. Cogburn Invited to Join UN Working Group & Global Network 03 May 2016
IDPP Presents Research at 2016 ISA Annual Convention 11 Mar 2016
Seminar Series on Disability, Development & Global Governance 25 Feb 2016
Sustainable Development Week at American University SIS 25 Jan 2016
IDPP Presents at Geneva Engage Conference on e-Participation 25 Jan 2016
IDPP Participates in Hawaii Int'l Conference on System Sciences 18 Dec 2015
Dr. Cogburn Attends UN High-Level Meeting on WSIS+10 Review 10 Dec 2015
IDPP Speaks at UN Commemoration of International Day of PWDs 30 Nov 2015
IDPP Presents at 10th IGF Accessibility Workshop 06 Nov 2015
IDPP Presents at UN DESA/DSPD Forum on Disability & Development 21 Oct 2015
IDPP Program Associate Speaks at International Disability Workshops 21 Oct 2015
IDPP Presents at ASEAN Disability Forum 2015 19 Oct 2015
Why Accessibility Matters: Presentation at ATLA and NFAIS Roundtable 30 Sep 2015
IDPP Special Report at UN SDGs Summit Side Event 16 Sep 2015
IDPP Fellow Joins 'Global Challenge of Youth with Disabilities' Program 16 Sep 2015
Fifth IDPP Annual Meeting Co-Hosted by UM and MMU 27 Jul 2015
IDPP Participates in Historic UNESCO and UN Disability Workshops 22 Jun 2015
IDPP Program Associate Helps Develop Philippines Action Plan 16 Jun 2015
Accessible Global Governance Side Event Keynote at COSP-8 05 Jun 2015
IDPP Participates in M-Enabling 2015 29 May 2015
IDPP Presents at Brawijaya U. International Relations Conference 26 May 2015
IDPP Executive Director Participates in ICA Annual Conference 19 May 2015
IDPP Hosts Global Conversation on Accessibility Awareness 15 May 2015
IDPP Capacity Building Participant Recognized for Disability Advocacy 13 Apr 2015
IDPP Embarks on 10th Partnership Mission across ASEAN 18 Mar 2015
Application Opens for 2015 IDPP Fellowships 04 Mar 2015
IDPP Presents on Global "Grand Challenge" at CSUN 2015 26 Feb 2015
IDPP Alumnus uses Architecture for Advocacy, Empowerment 25 Feb 2015
IDPP's Significant Participation at 2015 ISA Annual Convention 13 Feb 2015
IDPP Program Associate Receives Award for Local Anti-Poverty Work 04 Feb 2015
IDPP Participates in 3rd AGENDA Regional Dialogue 02 Feb 2015
IDPP Embarks on First 2015 Mission to ASEAN Region 06 Jan 2015
Multifaceted IDPP Participation at HICSS-48 15 Dec 2014
IDPP Hosts Inaugural Open House at New AU Campus Offices 25 Nov 2014
IDPP Embarks on 8th Partnership Mission to ASEAN 07 Nov 2014
SEAMEO Joins IDPP Partnership Network 06 Nov 2014
IDPP Program Associate Speaks at World Conference on Lung Health 04 Nov 2014
IDPP Program Associate on Networking Mission Across ASEAN 04 Nov 2014
IDPP welcomes G3ict as Outreach Partner 30 Oct 2014
IDPP Program Associate Invited to WHO Workshop on TB Advocacy 03 Oct 2014
IDPP Program Associate Attends Philippines CSO Budgeting Workshop 18 Sep 2014
IDPP Engages in Range of Strategic Partnership Events Across Region 02 Sep 2014
IDPP Executive Director Participates in 2014 APSA Annual Meeting 29 Aug 2014
Dr. Cogburn Speaks at UM Conference on Media Education & Training 17 Aug 2014
2014 IDPP Annual Meeting at University of Malaya 06 Aug 2014
IDPP Planning Mission to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 24 Jun 2014
IDPP Delegation Attends UN CRPD COSP-7 06 Jun 2014
IDPP Participates in 2014 M-Enabling Summit 06 Jun 2014
IDPP Staff Participates in Philippines TB Advocacy Workshop 04 Jun 2014
IDPP/SIS Alumna Speaks at WHO/Stop TB Event in Manila 27 Mar 2014
IDPP and COTELCO Participate in 2014 ISA Annual Convention 24 Mar 2014
Dr. Derrick Cogburn Speaks at CCCC 2014 Annual Convention 13 Mar 2014
IDPP/COTELCO Executive Director Participates in CSUN 2014 13 Mar 2014
IDPP Fellowship Application Opens to Pursue MPP at UM INPUMA 05 Mar 2014
IDPP Regional Staff Contributes to PWD Disaster Needs Assessment 03 Feb 2014
IDPP Embarks on 7th Networking & Partnership Mission Across ASEAN 29 Jan 2014
IDPP Welcomes Former ASEAN Sec. General as Honorary Chairman 17 Jan 2014
IDPP Faculty Co-Lead Global Virtual Teams Workshop at HICSS-47 18 Dec 2013
IDPP and COTELCO’s Multi-Faceted Participation at HICSS-47 16 Dec 2013
Dr. Derrick Cogburn Joins 2gether-International’s Board of Directors 10 Dec 2013
COTELCO/IDPP New Sr. Faculty Associate Dr. Charmaine Misalucha 06 Dec 2013
IDPP Exec. Director Co-Organizes, Presents at 2013 ICTD Workshop 04 Dec 2013
IDPP Commemorates 2013 Int'l Day of Persons with Disabilities 03 Dec 2013
IDPP Regional Staff Invited to Natl. Forum on Independent Living 25 Nov 2013
Dr. Cogburn Speaks at SIS International Dev. Program Friday Forum 05 Nov 2013
IDPP Executive Director Presents at Tech@State: EdTech Conference 31 Oct 2013
Understanding the Incheon Strategy 31 Oct 2013
IDPP Director of Technology Presents at IIE Seminar 24 Oct 2013
IDPP Alumnus Selected as Prestigious Salzburg Seminar Fellow 16 Oct 2013
IDPP Exec. Director Presents at World Social Science Forum 2013 15 Oct 2013
IDPP Completes 6th Networking & Partnership Mission Across ASEAN 10 Oct 2013
IDPP Alumna Selected as Regional Rep. for Global TB Coalition 01 Oct 2013
IDPP Staff Participates in Philippines' National Forum on Disability 30 Sep 2013
IDPP Welcomes GASS / VASS Delegation Visit from Vietnam 26 Sep 2013
IDPP Regional Staff Attends Philippines' Visayas Cluster Orientation 19 Sep 2013
IDPP Attends UN GA High Level Meeting on Disability & Development 19 Sep 2013
Myanmar Institute of Theology Joins IDPP Network 12 Sep 2013
Capacity Building Participants 30 Aug 2013
IDPP Hosts 2013 Annual Meeting from 9-17 Aug. at Mahidol University 08 Aug 2013
IDPP Director Presents at National Academy of Sciences Workshop 24 Jul 2013
Republic of Singapore Ratifies UN Convention on Rights of PWDs 23 Jul 2013
IDPP Regional Staff Plays Key Role in Philippines' Roxas City NDPR 22 Jul 2013
IDPP Offers Disability Policy Module in LKY School Exec. Ed. Program 17 Jul 2013
IDPP Delegation Rapporteurs, Offers Virtual Briefing at COSP-6 15 Jul 2013
IDPP Receives Blackboard Catalyst Award; Presents at 2013 BbWorld 14 Jul 2013
IDPP Regional Coordinator Chairs PWD Rights Workshop in Indonesia 09 Jul 2013
IDPP Board & Faculty Member Co-Chairs Demining Symposium 28 Jun 2013
CIDP Student Educates American Youths on Disability Issues 13 Jun 2013
IDPP Presents at & Provides Webcast for UW Symposium on Disability 11 Jun 2013
IDPP Attends 2013 M-Enabling Summit; Offers Virtual Briefing 05 Jun 2013
IDPP Faculty Present at University of Michigan Future Faculty Seminar 03 Jun 2013
Two CIDP Alumni Complete EMPOWER Fellowship Program & Visit AU 21 May 2013
IDPP Faculty Members Co-Organize ASEAN-EU Conference at SIS 10 May 2013
Final Presentations of CIDP Practicum Course Open to Public 28 Apr 2013
April/May IDPP Networking & Partnership Mission Across ASEAN 19 Apr 2013
IDPP Co-Hosts SIS IDP Spring Lecture Featuring Amb. Luis Gallegos 16 Apr 2013
IDPP Provides Virtual Participation for GFLJD Spring Meetings 12 Apr 2013
IDPP Welcomes Dr. Irwanto as Newest Faculty Member 05 Apr 2013
IDPP Faculty Member Invited to Present at Blackboard World 2013 02 Apr 2013
IDPP Advisory Board Member Dr. Peter Blanck Speaks at NIDRR 25 Mar 2013
IDPP Partners, Staff Advocate Disability Inclusion at Post-2015 Forum 20 Mar 2013
IDPP Staff Nominated for 'PWD of the Year' Apolinario Mabini Award 14 Mar 2013
Dr. Jennifer Ellis to Co-Present at Cengage Learning Conference 07 Mar 2013
IDPP Presents at Books and Beyond: AU Project 2030 Event 25 Feb 2013
IDPP Joins Historic U.S. Higher Education Delegation to Myanmar 22 Feb 2013
IDPP and COTELCO Return to CSUN 2013 22 Feb 2013
IDPP February Networking and Partnership Mission 12 Feb 2013
UN CRPD Champion Sen. John Kerry Appointed U.S. Secretary of State 07 Feb 2013
IDPP/COTELCO Participates in & Offers Remote Participation for TLC 04 Feb 2013
ASEAN Welcomes New Secretary General 28 Jan 2013
2013 Practicum on Cross-Cultural Collaboration Launches 18 Jan 2013
IDPP/COTELCO Faculty Share Research Findings at HICSS 46 21 Dec 2012
IDPP Presents at AICHR Advanced Training Course 21 Dec 2012
Dr. Derrick Cogburn Highlights IDPP at Global Symposium in Italy 17 Dec 2012
IDPP Presents at 1st National Conference for Blind Students in Vietnam 13 Dec 2012
IDPP Director and CIDP Students Present at World Bank LJD Week 07 Dec 2012
IDPP Celebrates International Day of Persons with Disabilities 03 Dec 2012
Dr. Larry Campbell Receives ICEVI Lifetime Achievement Award 29 Nov 2012
IDPP Staff Elected Civil Society Focal Person for Philippines Province 27 Nov 2012
President Obama Makes Historic Trip to Southeast Asia 16 Nov 2012
IDPP Presentation at Philippines Regional Consultation with PWDs 10 Nov 2012
IDPP November Networking and Partnership Mission 02 Nov 2012
CIDP Master’s Program Opens Applications for 2013 Admission 16 Oct 2012
IDPP Presents at World Bank-ILO Disability Workshop in Jakarta 05 Oct 2012
Amb. Gallegos Receives UNITAR Global Partner Award 2012 26 Sep 2012
IDPP Delegation Attends, Serves as Rapporteurs at CRPD COSP5 06 Sep 2012
IDPP Celebrates Inaugural CIDP Convocation Ceremony and New Student Cohort 13 Aug 2012
CIDP Student Elected to Philippines' First PWDs Regional Congress 27 Jul 2012
CIDP Student Profile: From Designing Buildings to Designing Lives 23 Jul 2012
Dr. Derrick Cogburn Presents at 22nd IPSA World Congress 12 Jul 2012
Dr. Jennifer Ellis at 2012 Blackboard World Conference 10 Jul 2012
Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences Visits SIS 29 Jun 2012
IDPP Presents at Disability Inclusion Workshop 27 Jun 2012
IDPP Networks at NSF Joint Annual Meeting 14 Jun 2012
IDPP Presents at C-AHEAD Conference 07 Jun 2012
IDPP Networking Mission Strengthens Partnerships 05 Jun 2012
IDPP Joins M-Enabling Inaugural Global Briefing Tour 05 Jun 2012
IDPP Attends National Disability Rights Network Conference 02 Jun 2012
IDPP Participates in USAID Disability Conference 31 May 2012
IDPP Presents at ICEVI Higher Education Initiative Meeting 28 May 2012
IDPP Staff Receive AU Staff Performance Diversity Award 22 May 2012
IDPP Research Assistant Named '2012 Architect of the Future' 16 May 2012
IDPP Participates in US Leadership Conference on Disability Rights 07 May 2012
IDPP Director Appointed to JPSE Editorial Board 04 May 2012
Amb. Luis Gallegos Named Vice President of UNCTAD XIII 23 Apr 2012
IDPP Presence at Gallaudet University's African Lessons Conference 23 Apr 2012
IDPP Offers 'Preparatory English for Graduate Studies' Summer Course 13 Apr 2012
IDPP Commemorates One Year Anniversary 11 Apr 2012
IDPP Outreach and Capacity Building Activities in Cambodia 04 Apr 2012
IDPP Attends IFES-DSI Event on Electoral Participation of PWDs 03 Apr 2012
IDPP Research Presented at 2012 ISA Convention 26 Mar 2012
100th Anniversary of Cherry Blossoms Highlights US-Japan Relations 23 Mar 2012
IDPP Attends UNESCAP-Leonard Chesire Disability Conference 14 Mar 2012
IDPP Provides Virtual Access to AU Career Center Services 05 Mar 2012
Vice President of Ecuador Leads Disability Panel 28 Feb 2012
IDPP Participates in 27th Annual CSUN Conference 26 Feb 2012
Twitter Leads to IDPP Director’s Accessibility Chair Appointment 21 Feb 2012
Singapore Education Ministry to Support Students with Disabilities 21 Feb 2012
IDPP's Pre-Conference Workshop at 2012 APSA TLC 10 Feb 2012
Multi-Faceted Collaboration at IFES AGENDA Regional Dialogue 25 Jan 2012
IDPP Director Receives Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Award 10 Jan 2012
Dr. Cogburn Participates in 45th Annual HICSS Conference 04 Jan 2012
IDPP Participates in Asia Pacific CBR Congress 07 Dec 2011
IDPP Gives Live Virtual Report from M-Enabling Summit 05 Dec 2011
Virtual Meeting Honored International Day of Persons with Disabilities 02 Dec 2011
IDPP Attends Meetings at National Technical Institute for the Deaf 01 Dec 2011
Virtual Lunch to Commemorate International Day of Persons with Disabilities 01 Dec 2011
AU Freshman Introduced to IDPP and CIDP Virtual Classroom 10 Nov 2011
IDPP Strengthens Ties with Indonesian Universities 01 Nov 2011
IDPP Co-Sponsors and Attends Accessibility Camp DC 25 Oct 2011
Enhancing Collaboration via Accessible Virtual Communities 21 Oct 2011
Indonesia Ratifies UN Convention on Rights of PWDs 19 Oct 2011
COTELCO Presents IDPP Project at ISA-South 17 Oct 2011
CIDP Master's Application Opens for 2012 Admission 07 Oct 2011
IDPP Staff Presents at Conference Calling for Indonesia CRPD Ratification 04 Oct 2011
IDPP Presence at CRPD States Parties Conference 09 Sep 2011
IDPP to Participate in UNCRPD States Parties Conference 31 Aug 2011
Dr. Cogburn Presents on Virtual Communities 31 Aug 2011
Dr. Cogburn Speaks about IDPP at NSF PROMISE Institute 25 Aug 2011
IDPP’s Inaugural Annual Meeting and Residency: Three-Part Series 12 Aug 2011
44th ASEAN Day 08 Aug 2011
Successful Inaugural IDPP Residency Period Comes to a Close 01 Aug 2011
CIDP Residency Provides Rich Opportunities for Inaugural Cohort 01 Aug 2011
IDPP Annual Meeting and Inaugural CIDP Residency Begins 23 Jul 2011
IDPP Showcases Innovative Research in Istanbul, Turkey 14 Jul 2011
Master’s Program on Disability and Public Policy Increases Inclusion 14 Jul 2011
The World Report on Disability 20 Jun 2011
IDPP Prepares for Two-Week Residency for Incoming Master’s Candidates 04 Jun 2011
TNF, NTID and COTELCO Meet to Discuss IDPP Governance 31 May 2011
Applications Open for First Cohort of Global Leaders in Disability Studies and Public Policy 16 May 2011
IDPP for the ASEAN Region Launched in Bangkok 01 Apr 2011
The IDPP Team Starts the New Year off with a Bang! 25 Feb 2011
ASEAN IDPP Bangkok Meeting: August 2009 15 Sep 2010