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Maria Veronica Reina

Ms. Maria Veronica Reina is Executive Director of the Global Partnership on Disability and Development at the World Bank. She participated in the drafting negotiations for the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Before joining the Burton Blatt Institute, Ms. Reina served as President of the Center for International Rehabilitation (CIR). In this capacity, she oversaw the CIR’s programs including Research, E-Learning and the International Disability Rights Monitor Project, a landmark international initiative that documents and assesses the situation of people with disabilities worldwide. She is a psycho-pedagogue, a specialist in learning disabilities, and a renowned international disability rights advocate. Her advocacy work has focused on raising awareness and involvement of the international community on the Comprehensive and Integral International Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities.

Ms. Reina has organized Inter-American campaigns on the Convention aimed at the media, governments and other nongovernmental organizations, including the “Susana Abalo defense” campaign. In addition, she has chaired international disability rights meetings and conferences, moderated the International Disability Caucus communications, and managed the Spanish translation and distribution of Disability Convention documents throughout Latin America. Other organizations with which Ms. Reina has worked include the Inter-American Institute on Disability, the Institute for International Disability Advocacy, the Institute for International Cooperation and Development, Argentinean Disabled People Organization Cilsa, and University Institute “San Martin”, where she was an adjunct professor. A graduate of the Catholic University of Santa Fe in Argentina, Ms. Reina received a specialization in Special Education for School Integration and a Master’s degree in Open and Distance Learning and Teaching, at the Spanish University Uned.