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Fall 2012 CIDP Students

The IDPP welcomes the second cohort of the CIDP Master's program!

Mr. David Alenga photo
Mr. David Alenga
Defying the challenges of growing up as a person with a disability in the developing world, Mr. Alenga traveled abroad to pursue higher education after graduating from high school. Prior to that, Mr. Alenga worked with the Ghana Society of the Physically Disabled in addition to representing disabled people’s organizations in civil society engagements in the areas of governance and poverty reduction. While studying in Ukraine, he worked with disabled people’s organizations on activities including community-based rehabilitation.

Ms. Azeera Ariffin photo
Ms. Azeera Ariffin
Ms. Ariffin holds a senior position at a think tank managed by her home state of Perak, Malaysia. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration majoring in Islamic Banking from Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia. She once served Merdeka Centre, a prominent polling institution in Malaysia, as a research associate. She volunteers for causes close to her heart and her community; in particular, the disability cause inspired her to make a difference in her society. With this passion, she launched her career with the Society of the Blind in Malaysia, which has eleven branches nationwide, as the first sighted executive secretary. She contributed to setting up the Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) Working Group, an umbrella under the Human Rights Committee of the Malaysian Bar Council – an initiative comprised of persons with and without disabilities from diverse professional backgrounds to highlight issues concerning PWDs to the public, policy makers, and stakeholders. One of Ms. Ariffin’s long term foci is to mainstream disability into contemporary Malaysian society. Ms. Ariffin is originally from Penang, Malaysia.

Mr. Emmanuel Bassey photo
Mr. Emmanuel Bassey
Mr. Bassey works as the visual rehabilitation medical officer in ophthalmology department of the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital in Nigeria. Mr. Bassey studied medicine at the University of Calabar, and has taken certificate courses online in blindness and accessible technology from the Hadley School for Professional Studies in the U.S. He conducted a visual rehabilitation program at Hope for the Blind Foundation in Kaduna, Nigeria, and attained a diploma in Braille literacy, as well as in orientation and mobility with assisted computer technologies. Mr. Bassey is from Cross River state, Nigeria. He seeks to become a human right activist advocating for persons with disabilities in his home country and throughout the African diaspora.

Ms. Jieying Chen photo
Ms. Jieying Chen
Ms. Chen is a senior executive in the eldercare sector in Singapore. She is working on innovative solutions to overcome challenges in policy design, implementation, and evaluation. Ms. Chen’s research focuses on the enhancement of employment opportunities for people with special needs. She obtained her B.A. in English with honors from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Mr. Vijay Krishnamani photo
Mr. Vijay Krishnamani
Mr. Krishnamani is a national awardee with 9 ½ years of varied work experience in the fields of information technology and IT-enabled processes. The projects he has worked on have included domains such as knowledge management, banking, telecommunication service providers, business operations, testing, data analytics, recruitment, human resource, and quality. He is currently leading the documentation efforts for the Asia-Pacific core banking platform of Citibank International Technology Organization in Singapore. Mr. Krishnamani is the co-founder and fellow trustee of the Diversity and Equal Opportunity Centre in Bangalore, India, which offers consulting, research, and training services to corporate, developmental, and government organizations to promote equality and inclusion for persons with disabilities. Since 1995, he has been a member of Suniye, an NGO dedicated to the education of children who are hard of hearing in New Delhi, India. Mr. Krishnamani co-authored a first-of-its-kind book in India: The Why and How of Employing Persons with Disability, which launched by the Confederation of Indian Industry in 2009. He won the National Award for Best Employee with Disability in India from the Government of India in 2008. He also won the Infosys Excellence Award for Diversity in 2007 for his work in spreading awareness about disability in Infosys. Mr. Krishnamani earned a Master's in Computer Applications from Indraprastha University and a Bachelor's in Commerce from Delhi University in India. He is originally from New Delhi, India.

Mr. Felipe Millan photo
Mr. Felipe Millán
Mr. Millán works as a research coordinator with JBS International, Inc., a government contractor in the international development field in Maryland, USA. Mr. Millán has worked on evaluations of international education programs, including fieldwork in Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Russia, and South Africa. He has also volunteered for over four years as a suicide prevention telephone counselor. Mr. Millán completed his B.A. in Political Science at the College of Wooster in Wooster, Ohio. Mr. Millán was born and raised in Chiapas, Mexico.

Mr. Ajantha "AJ" Nanayakkara photo
Mr. Ajantha "AJ" Nanayakkara
Mr. Nanayakkara is the founder and executive director of the Global Abilities Foundation (GAF), a nonprofit organization working to help persons with disabilities reintegrate into their communities. GAF is currently developing a comprehensive community-based reintegration program for individuals with spinal cord injuries in Sri Lanka that includes accessible transportation, vocational skills, life skills, and mentoring. Mr. Nanayakkara has a decade of experience developing inclusive recreation programs, mentoring persons with disabilities, and teaching courses in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and therapeutic recreation. He is also an avid wheelchair athlete who participates in SCUBA diving, wheelchair racing, and other recreational pursuits. Mr. Nanayakkara won a gold medal as part of Team USA Wheelchair Rugby at the 2005 World Wheelchair and Amputee Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Ms. Hanh Duong Phuong photo
Ms. Hanh Duong Phuong
Ms. Phuong is the founder and executive director of the Center for Research and Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, which is the first and only social enterprise in Vietnam established by a person who is hard of hearing while serving this population as well. Ms. Phuong works as a counselor, trainer, Vietnamese language sign interpreter, and writer. Her first book The World of the Hearing Impaired was published in Vietnamese in 2010. Ms. Phuong is an active leader in the deaf and hard of hearing communities at the national and international levels. She is the president of the Ho Chi Minh City Deaf Association; president of the Asia Pacific Federation of the Hard of Hearing and Deafened; general secretary of the International Federation of Hard of Hearing People; and serves as an advisor to many clubs for the deaf in Vietnam.

Mr. Tharin Seng photo
Mr. Tharin Seng
Mr. Seng is an assistant lecturer in prosthetics and orthotics at the Cambodian School of Prosthetics and Orthotics with The Cambodia Trust. He also works as an orthopedic technologist to produce artificial limbs and braces for persons with disabilities to restore their abilities. Mr. Seng completed his B.A. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Build Bright University in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Mr. Seng is from Banteymeanchey province in northwestern Cambodia.

Mr. Suryandaru photo
Mr. Suryandaru
Mr. Suryandaru has been active in Persatuan Tunanetra Indonesia (PERTUNI), or the Indonesia Blind Union, since 2010 and serves as leader of PERTUNI in Jawa Tengah (Central Java) Province. Mr. Suryandaru graduated from the Faculty of Law at Diponegoro University and the Faculty of Humanities at Dian Nuswantoro University.

Mr. Jimmy Trianto Utomo photo
Mr. Jimmy Trianto Utomo
Mr. Utomo is the vice secretary of the East Java branch of the Indonesian Blind Union. He works as an English teacher in a special school for students with disabilities in Indonesia. Mr. Utomo earned a Bachelor of English Education degree from the State University of Surabaya in 2011. He is originally from Malang, Indonesia.

Mr. Hendro Sugiyono Wibowo
Mr. Hendro Sugiyono Wibowo
Mr. Wibowo was born in Brebes, Indonesia. He is an assistive technology staff person at the library of the State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga in Indonesia. Mr. Wibowo provides accessible literature for persons who are blind, such as digital talking books and electronic books (e-books). He is also the leader of the Muslim Blind Association at Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, and manages programs that relate to increasing the capacity and autonomy of Muslims who are blind.